Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Pomeroy House (Review)

Last weekend, we ventured to the Pomeroy House, another new Ottawa hot spot located in the Glebe. Formerly known at the Segue, the restaurant was gutted, transformed and reopened under the new name in 2015. The exterior now boasts some major curb appeal, with large windows, distressed wood trim and bold lettering. Inside, the transition is just as spectacular. The decor and furnishings are rustic, yet sophisticated. When you first walk in, your eyes are drawn to a beautiful chandelier framed by a half-moon window at the back of the restaurant. You also can't help but notice the large bar that runs the length of the room, which is showcased by a contemporary light fixture and accent brick wall. Overall, the restaurant feels very cozy and inviting with its blue walls and padded banquettes.

While the former Segue may have received a complete overhaul, the menu format and some of its previous dishes survived the transformation. As before, Chef Richard Wilson's menu continues to be divided into four parts: bar snacks and apps, mids and mains. And as always, everything on the menu sounded delicious, and so our group decided to sample as many dishes as possible. But before we got to our food, we of course started out the evening with a nice bottle of Malbec. As we were enjoying our wine, we were delighted to be served two slices of bread each, along with a side of house made caramelized, savoury-sweet-herbed compound butter. anything better than free bread and fresh butter?! I think not.

Next up, for our apps, we all went with the Grilled Octopus. It sounded far too delicious to pass up. Fresh grilled octopus was served over a bed of cucumber salad, pepper jam and sunflower butter and topped with shiso. The octopus was elegantly served, but the portion was quite light. We definitely could have used more pieces of the perfectly tenderized and grilled octopus. But at least it was only our app and we had more dishes coming our way!

Grilled Octopus ($16)
For the next course, some of us chose to go with mids, while some of us went with mains. The mids were still a healthy portion, with just slightly less 'sides' and a few less ounces of meat. Amongst our group, we tried two mids: the Hot Chicken, which was spicy southern fried-style chicken propped on a cauliflower puree, served with kale and pickles, as well as the Baby Back Ribs, served with cheddar grits and slaw. The Chicken was crunchy and flavourful, while the Ribs were succulent and perfectly seasoned. 
Hot Chicken ($15)
For the mains, we tried the Beef Striploin, the Steelhead Trout and the Duck Breast. The Beef was served with stout and rutabaga mash, grilled King Eyngii mushrooms, carrots and topped with chimichurri sauce, while the Trout was perfectly paired with navy bean succotash and mussel and mushroom escabeche. And finally, the Duck was complimented by Shiitake mushrooms, broccolini, beets, hazelnuts and smoked Diable. While I didn't personally taste everything, my dining companions raved about these three dishes. It appears that all three mains were deeply satisfying and are highly recommended.

Beef Striploin ($33)
Steelhead Trout ($29)
Duck Breast ($34)
Although our waitress tempted us with their dessert menu, which featured sweet treats like Sticky Toffee Pudding, Coconut Creme Pie and Chocolate Pot de Creme, we were far too full to indulge. Next time, I will have to return and save room for the Sticky Toffee Pudding!

Overall, we had a great experience at the Pomeroy House. The service was wonderful, the atmosphere was relaxed and the food was delicious and sized and priced appropriately. Next time you're in the Glebe and you're looking for a great meal, check out one of Ottawa's top new won't be disappointed. And let me know if you try the Mushroom Ravioli...another decadent main that caught my eye!

Verdict: 9/10 – high calibre modern cuisine and friendly upbeat vibe

Hours: Sunday - 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm; closed on Mondays; Tuesday to Saturday - 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Price: Apps $10-20, Mids $15-20, Mains $26-33

The Pomeroy House, 749 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON

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