Thursday, June 4, 2015

Occo Kitchen - Orleans (Review)

If you've seen the movie Chef, you already know where this blog post is going. Owner and Chef Mark Steele has spent the majority of his career working with upscale establishments such as the Fairmont, Hilton Hotels, and Marriott. Working as an executive chef for so many years, Steele decided that it was finally time to find his place back in the centre of the kitchen creating his own menus, making delicious food from scratch and having daily interactions with his satisfied clients.

Occo Kitchen has only been in operation for a number of weeks, but is already the talk of the town. Located in the heart of Orleans, Occo is a much needed hot spot for this growing suburb. Their menu is small in size but not in flavour, and everything is made from scratch. The menu features house made Salads, Fish n Chips, Poutine, Sandwiches, Burgers and Tacos.

We've already visited Occo a couple of times, so we've been lucky enough to try most of the items on their menu. Our favourite dishes consist of the Candied Bacon LT, the Fish Tacos, the Garlic Herb Fries, the Eggplant Parm Burger (for the veggie lovers), and the Caesar Salad. The fresh ingredients are unmistakable, as is the love and passion that Chef Steele puts into every dish he makes.

If you're in the mood for a gourmet comfort burger and fries, there are a few to choose from - from the classic burger to a whopping 1lb burger stacked high with fresh toppings. The classic fish taco and BLT are also a hit among the regulars (me included) and a recommended favourite for your first trip.

If you're trying to stay on the healthy side, the Hostyle Steak Salad is a must - it's piled high with AAA cord fed Striploin and served on your choice of salad.

Eggplant Parm Burger and Heirloom Salad
Garlic and Herb Fries
Candied Bacon LT
Since we have already visited Occo three delicious times before being able to write this post - we can't rave enough about this wonderful new and local establishment. You will be missing out on true culinary mastery if you don't visit Occo soon!

Verdict: 10/10

Hours: Open 11:00 am - 9:00 pm daily

Price: Salads $8-$16; Fries & Poutine from $3.50-$8; Tacos $4.50; Main dishes from $9-$16

Occo Kitchen, 3018 St Joseph Blvd. Orleans, ON 

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