Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Albion Rooms (Review)

Looking for the next trendy hotspot?? Then look no further. The Albion Rooms is a new lounge bar located at 33 Nicholas offering exceptional cocktails, craft beers and an ever changing fresh menu. Had Lola and I not discovered this new dive during the Ottawa Foodie Challenge, this place may have still remained a mystery to us.

Tucked away in the bottom of the Novotel Hotel, it is easy to pass by without noticing it. However, this place is unlike any typical hotel restaurant. The decor is fresh and modern, the waitstaff are friendly and personable, and the food is to die for!

While it appears to cater more towards sharing plates and 'bar bites' offering a wide selection of charcuterie boards and cheeses, we went there for a full dinner and drinks.

Elk Burger
The hits of the night were the Elk Burger ($18) and the traditional Fish and Chips ($18). The Elk Burger was topped with seed to sausage bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar and roasted shallot aioli. You had a choice of thrice-cooked chips or a side salad, but the chips were the obvious choice, as the waiter jokingly teased, 'It was clearly a cheat night!" The finger-sized batons of potato goodness, upright in a tiny pail, were delicious, but extremely heavy, making it difficult to eat too many. The Elk Burger won the prize though, which was moist and flavourful and cooked to perfection.

The Fish and Chips was also mouthwateringly good! Fresh Lake Erie Pickerel was covered in lemon thyme beer batter and served with a side of 'clam chowder' tartar and thrice chips. Again, the chips made the meal quite heavy, however, the fish was light and tasteful, creating a nice balance.

Fish and Chips
Other yummy meals included the Scotch Egg, which enrobed a chicken egg in house-made chorizo on a bed of arugula with paprika aioli for $10, as well as the House Pasta, which consisted of beetroot fettuccine, pistachio pesto, goat cheese, parsley, pistachio walnut oil and creme fraiche for $15. Whalesbone oysters are another option for all those oyster lovers out there!

Overall, we had a great experience...the atmosphere was hip and intimate, and the food was indulgently good! I highly recommend this gastropub to all foodies alike!

For you early birds, this place also opens at 6:30am and features a coffee bar and breakfast counter.

Verdict: Contemporary Canadian cuisine with great service and a trendy vibe

Cost: Items range between $7 and $30

Hours: Monday to Thursday 11am to 12am, Friday to Sunday 11am to 2am, Breakfast - Monday to Friday 6:30am to 11am 

The Albion Rooms, 33 Nicholas Street, Ottawa Ontario

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